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"Life's Little Luxuries"


Anniversary “GET AWAY”

The key word here is memorable. Look for opportunities to get out of the rut and routine for a couple of hours or a couple of days. A fresh setting and uncustomary activities can lift your time together out of the mundane and weave it into the stuff of memory.


“You can build a stable relationship that will withstand the storms of life.”

In The Beginning. . .

Genesis 3:7 alludes to Adam and Eve’s strategically placed fig leaves as the very first caches-sexe, or cover-ups, born of modesty.

The Romance of a Lifetime

As time goes by, treasure the memories you share and cherish the moments you have together.  Those memories and moments interlock to forge a bond that builds and inspires a deeper, more enduring love between you and your partner.

The Cosmetic Industry has been around since the time of CLEOPATRA. And it will be around-FOREVER. Cheers!



MISS AMERICA – Vanessa Williams

Beauty Queen

Mayan Goddess has chosen former “Miss America” – Vanessa Williams as our #1 Role Model, Celebrity, Singer, Entertainer, Actress, Author, Dancer, Fashion Model, Beauty Queen, Mother, and Businesswoman extraordinaire.

Global Recognition

It goes without saying that Vanessa is known, recognized and admired worldwide.

Former Presidents

It goes without saying that Vanessa had the opportunity of meeting former presidents, government officials, and diplomats both at home and abroad.

Successful Businesswoman

It goes without saying that as a young African-American female (living in the United States), Vanessa has led a successful career in Hollywood and New York, and has done extremely well for herself both financially and economically, and is now enjoying the fruits of her labor.

If we could all accomplish even a fraction of Vanessa’s resume…Perhaps the world would become a better place. Wouldn’t it?

THREE CHEERS! for Vanessa Williams



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