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The Love Letters

I love you too: do you know I was once not very far from seeing. . .really seeing you? Mr Kenyon said to me one morning “would you like to see Miss Barrett?” — then he went to announce me, — then he returned. . .you were too unwell — and now it is years ago — and I feel as at some untoward passage in my travels — as if I had been close, so close, to some world’s-wonder

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SECRETS to LOVE: Humility

According to an old saying, “Pride goes before a fall.”  What that means is that pride is often responsible for a person’s downfall, whether in public or private life. While taking pride in oneself is the cornerstone of self-esteem, know that there’s a fine line between pride and arrogance, the attitude that you are always right — and others are always wrong when they challenge you.

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SECRETS to LOVE: Compassion

When things are going well, we feel that we can handle anything, but when we’re down, compassion can truly heal and revive our spirits. Compassion is a deeply thoughtful awareness of the suffering of another person, combined with a desire to ease his pain. It’s a quality we may not think about expressing every day, but in fact, compassion does play an important role in our daily lives.

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Overcoming OBSTACLES to Romance

No matter how deep and strong your love is, you and your partner are likely,
every now and then, to encounter obstacles in your relationship. Remember, as the old saying goes, the course of true love never runs smooth. You need to address difficulties, large or small, in order to live your life together to its fullest — and most romantic — potential.

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