The Case for Email

  1. Email gives you more than one opportunity to sell

At any one point in time, only a tiny sliver of your audience is ready to buy from you. People aren’t always ready to buy the first time you launch an offer. That doesn’t mean that they’ll never be interested.

2. You own your email list

When you embrace email marketing, you’re not building your community or tribe on someone else’s platform (i.e., Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram). You won’t be scrambling whenever these platforms change their algorithms because you have direct access to your audience.

3. There’s less competition

You’re not a status update that disappears within minutes and gets buried within peoples feeds. You are IN their inbox and email is what people check every day.

Isn’t everybody’s inbox filled with tons of emails?


But if your subscriber associates your name with a positive emotion or value and you always deliver on your emails, your emails will get opened and read.

4. Email helps establish trust

At any time, there are one of six people interacting with your brand: Stranger – Reader – Subscriber – Engaged Subscriber – Customer – Brand Advocate.

It can take several touch points before a customer recognizes your name and is aware of what your business can do for them. A marketing funnel is the pathway by which someone goes from Stranger to Brand Advocate. And email marketing is a crucial component that helps you move your readers from one stage to the next in your funnel — from having no awareness to knowing who you are, recognizing what you do, and knowing how your business can help them.

What does branding have to do with your email list?


So what is a brand?

It’s a set of thoughts, ideas, and emotions that people have about your business. If you’re strategic, you can have a heavy hand in shaping the way people think and feel about your brand.

Unlike what most people believe, 64% of subscribers say they are likely to read an email because of who it’s from. Only 47% attribute it to the subject line. So your name matters more than you think.

– Courtesy of Meera Kothand/Solopreneur

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